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Ten years have passed since we opened our doors. Ten years of making this place our home. Ten years making extraordinary friends. Ten years of knowing that each new beginning is the most important part of our work

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*Arroz Del Pacifico Sur- Peruvian paella! Must try! I'm a big fan of paella and this is soo gooooddd! Rice is well seasoned, soft and moist (not dry). Good amount of seafood including mussels, shrimp, and large calamari rings. Good portion size! Enough to share with another person! *Lamb shank- Large piece of lamb that is very tender. Accompanied with white rice and beans. Hubby and daughter loved the lamb. Beans were tasty. Good portion size. *Sampler plate- can't remember the name! It included 2 empanadas, 2 chicken skewers, fried yucca/cheese. Great tasting as well! Only rated 4 stars due to our 35 min wait time, despite having a reservation. The restaurant had only been open for 2 weeks, so maybe they're still figuring stuff out. It was a busy Saturday night. Overall, great Peruvian food! Probably the best in the Sacramento area. Menu is pricey but portion sizes are great compared to Chichas. I shared 3 dishes between the 3 of us and still took home leftovers. Beautiful new restaurant and the servers are great. I'll definitely go again. Have been waiting for the new location to open for awhile. Might try to go on a weeknight to avoid the wait times.
Awesome wonderful. The food was delicious. Very tasty, fresh and delightful. The service was friendly and helpful. Comfortable restaurant. Definitely 5+ stars. I had the grilled fish with shrimp and calamari, which comes with rice and asparagus, and a cup of soup. The soup, called Aguadito, was hot (temperature, not spicy), flavorful and a perfect start to dinner. Really good soup. The Fish dish, Pescado a Lo Macho, the menu says "white fish", but I think it was Mahi-Mahi, was light, flaky and delicious, and the jasmine rice was perfect with the fish and sauce. Honestly, the best meal I've had in quite a while. Service was outstanding. Attentive, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable. The booth was comfortable and the restaurant was nicely decorated, quiet and it made for a relaxing, enjoyable dining experience. Thank you very much!
We had previously dined at the old location several times in the past so this was our first visit. We were very pleased with our experience. This location is very spacious and well decorated. We ordered empanadas, the Lomo Saltado and the Salmon Solterito. Everything was flavorful, and we enjoyed our meal. Service was great and our order came out quickly. The only catch was there was no liquor license so we settled for water which was fine. We would highly this restaurant.